The Miraculous Hump Returns From The


Remastered 2006

 sopwith camel Miraculous Hump CD

I first reissued this work in 2001 and it successfully sold out. The only master that Warner Bros. had in its vault turned out to be a safety copy recorded during the vinyl mastering 28 years before. In this age of digital processing, it became the long awaited CD. But this year, producer Erik Jacobsen, discovered a box of tapes from San Francisco's Wally Heider Studios in his basement. Ah, the Master! We could not resist and so here it is again. Some would say this version is more faithful to the original vinyl recording of 1973.
--Norm Mayell

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The Miraculous Hump has been reviewed in the following magazines:

20th Century Guitar, Aug. 2001 Encore Magazine, Aug. 2001
Relix, Dec.-Jan. 2002
Goldmine, Feb. 2002
Discovery, Feb. 2002

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