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Sopwith Camel
1966 to 2007

San Francisco

May 12, 1966---Who's Who
by Frances Moffat

A combo called the Sopwith Camel has been engaged to play for a Kathryn Branson School dance May 21 at the Ross home of Mrs. Vernon Skewes-Cox, but the long-haired men won't be dressed in the usual far-out fashion.

The head master interviewed the group's manager Yuri Toropov, and told him the musicians will have to dress up for the occasion.

So they will, ambassadorial style, with tail coats, (compliments of the school).

The Synapse

May 21, 1966
Arts and Entertainment

The Sopwith Camel is one of the Bay Area's most exciting new rock groups. They sing and play their own composition of Folk, Rock and "pure" Rock and Roll, plus doing their renditions of many of the standards in both these areas.

The Camel formed in S.F. about 7 months ago, have played at the Firehouse Theatre, Longshoremans Hall, S.F. State and most recently at the Matrix, where they set attendance records that surpassed such groups as the Jefferson Airplane, Greatful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service. They are now approaching their first recording session and a few of the songs you may hear Friday night are "Cellophane Women," "Hello-Hello" and "There's Still Time."

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