Sopwith Camels sounds




Ordered the CD on Tuesday nite, got it on Thursday. Have listened to it 10 times already. Get's better with every listening. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!!! Wish I'd seen the autographed copy first......damn. --CS (Hippie)

Ordered it just now. It has been many years, but I still wonder, "Who's gonna live in all those cities underground?"    --Best regards, Dr. H

Dr. H, the children will,

Got the cd yesterday, rushed home and put it on. (something i never do) have been listening to the record recently, but was just thrilled with the cd. looks fine, sounds great. thanks for all your hard work making this happen. i hope besides us die hard fans, this music finds new fans. it is a great work. --Best of Luck DF

Thank you so much!
Got the "Hump" CD and have been revelling in Sopwith's music every since!! One question: what's the significance of FAZON? What's it mean... anything? Thanks for fabulous music! --AC
If you go far enough into the
future, FAZON will be the sound you hear.
Thank you! I'm listening to Sleazy Street, right now! This is one of my favorite-all-time albums.. I've missed it. Thank you again! --Patt
It sounds better if you
wear a wig.
Finally!!!! There is a God!!!!! Thank You!!! --CS (Hippie)
FYI the CD I ordered three days ago arrived today via US Mail Priority. I have been enjoying the music again. I am also impressed with the speedy delivery. Thank you and continued success, --DM of Kentucky
We are very fast! Sneaky Smith is working nights on fullfilling orders..
I received my copy last week and it sounds great. Thanks for your efforts on making this long lost friend available again. --SL
I love it!
Thanks. Sorry to be a pest but my wife and I are long-time fans. The Miraculous hump album was one of those things that made us realize we must be of similar mind-sets, and drew us together. She had a hand drawing of "the Camel" she had made in pencil in her notebook in college and I recognized it immediately. Last night, anticipating our new CD's arriving, she asked if I knew where the drawing was, and I was able to pull it out of the file drawer in seconds. We got out our old Hump tape and played it just for ourselves. Yep, we still liked it . And she said "you better send in your money for the collectors package tommorrow" That would be today, so I'm off to the post office. Thanks for all your efforts, and thanks for all your music. --Peter

You make it all worth while!






Thank you so much for getting back to me. I've wanted this music for a long time. Can you also supply me with the Cat Stevens "Tea for the Tillerman" CD ? --PH
He is not speaking to us at
this time!
Dear Norman, I have received "No. 1 of 90" and am unbelievably pleased and honored. Thank you so much! I promise to send you No. 1 of my book (if I can ever find the time to finish it -- but that's another story for another time . . . .) So, for the moment, it's back to Amnesia at the Bijou . . . . (Ready for another absinthe. . . .) Best to you and your miraculous cohorts, --Randolph
We are honored also!

This album would have to be considered a top ten for me and I guess that says something as I have15,000. I sorry this has all been a hassle for you but I'm real glad I got to talk to you. In closing let me say this: I am a social worker and I was in the car with one of my kids(a 5 yr.old)today. She kept asking me something and I finally turned down the volume. She told me,"He said there's monkeys on the moon". I've never been able to get her to calm down and I wondered why she was being so quiet. She told her Grandma during her visit that I had a song about monkeys on the moon in my car. She made me play it again on the way home. I guess you have a new fan. --Phil


Our children did much the same. My son always wondered what was going to happen to the small boy under the lamp post on the album cover. On his left, a man in a top hat has a sword and on the right, a shadowy figure.


"Just to plant flags for the big Baboon"

Hi Norm, I've been a big fan for long time. Have owned the album/LP since it came out. Been looking for the cd all over. Wish you guys would get some local air play/promotion, bet their phone lines would overload with rediscovery for younger crowd. I turned a few friends onto the album back in the 70's and your unique sound still brings back some fond memories. Maybe I should send a copy to local DJ for request. :) Love the sound of your harp, I started playing harmonic when I was 18 and still love to play it at 47. Well no more wear and tear on LP. I sometimes hang up my LP's on wall with frame that allows LP cover to be inserted/displayed and "The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon" has spent some time on wall. Thanks for the note and I hope you guys are rediscovered by part of the new generation that can appreciate great music. --Tom



We are in search of a new generation beneath the sea, in outer space or the underground

where ever they are we will find them


and I hope they are us!

Hi Norman, Just wanted to let you know that I got my Cd this week, thanks! It sure is great to hear this one again, I had the LP years ago but now it's rather hard to find. It's a classic that still sounds fresh today. You should be proud to have been a part of this, too bad this was the last Sopwith Camel. All the best, --Ron.
I am working on making another Sopwith Camel music disc by 2002.
Norman, I bought the "Hump" CD. Finally, after 15 years, I am able to listen to it again. I really do like that album. Best of all, it has been very well transcribed to the digital. The program sets off the "emphasis" mode on my old CD player. You guys obviously did something extra and it sounds great. And I don't have to worry about it wearing out again! Thanks again. -- D. Stone
I bet you CAN wear it out.
Got it, Love it! Hope to hear of more releases. --Bill
Me too.
I ordered it very soon after. It's not as I remember it. I thought it was good, but it's GREAT. Thanks, --Brian
Norm, I bought 3 CDs (one each for myself and my two brothers). The quality is superb, and the music.....ah, it was as stunning as when I heard the LP for the first time in '73. I am so appreciative of the labor to get it out on CD. This is a before-its-time must-have album for any taste, so I hope the release does extremely well for all of you. By the way, I picked up a Blue Cheer CD last week and saw your ('69ish) picture on the liner. I had forgotten that you were in the band (for New & Improved?). Anyhow, thanks again for the Hump, and best of luck getting it out to the masses. --Greg
We can offer you a job in marketing.!
Bought "The Hump" the moment it was available! I had the vinyl since it was new. I bought and moved onto a sailboat in '95 and have only had CD's since ... having sold all my LP's. And so i missed "Miraculous Hump" since. UNTIL JANUARY! It is surely one of my "Desert Island Discs". I enjoyed it immensely when it came out ... a jazzy oasis in a Psychedelic Rock world. The song that really kept me coming back (and implanting the rest of the album) was "Astronaut Food". What a wild and outrageous sax! Who could listen to that and not grin? Even though the album never received notoriety, I feel it is one of the best of the age ... one that is just as vital today as it was 30 years ago. Not many efforts hold up so well for so long. I wish you'd gotten more your due. Thanks for the years of listening pleasure. --Greg S/V Tigerlily - Seattle
Email my review???? Are you kidding???? I've loved this album since it came out and love it to this very day. I bought a new car three weeks ago. It has a CD player in it. "Hump" is the only CD that has been in it, and I have about 600 CD's! The sound is GREAT! Too bad it took so long to come out. I did make a CDR about a year ago from a mint copy of the LP, but this blows it away! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
And thankyou!
Norm, Thanks. I purchased the week it became available. Have listened to it several times and it gets better with each listen. I even wrote my favorite station, the X in Reno, and hopefully they start to play some of it. To me, it is timeless and it was better than I remembered it. Great listening on a sunny, warm afternoon...... Ed
The sax man and singer himself lives in your area!
Hi! I have to write to share my story about Sopwith Camel and The Miraculous Hump...Yada Yada Yada. I was 14 years old and my hippie older brother brings home the album, (circa 1974). When I first heard the song "Coke, Suede and Waterbeds", I thought it was one of the best jazz/ rock fusion songs I'd ever heard! I also really enjoyed the clever lyrics of all the songs. Plus, after watching the 1969 space walk on the moon, I always thought that living in outer space would be somewhat tedious and boring, so when Sopwith Camel sang "who'd want to live in a city in outer space?", I really laughed out loud! I immediately saved my baby sitting money and bought the album. Then, I left home at 17 to move to Jackson Hole, WY. in 1977. I took all my albums and some jerk roommate stole my album along with some Grateful Dead and Airplane albums, and I have not been able to replace it. But in 1993, I went to a used record/ tape store in K.C. MO. For some reason I decided to ask the owner, who was a little older than me, if he had the "Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon". He didn't have it for sale, but owned a copy, so he taped it for me. So, tonight I decided to listen to the tape for the first time in years, and get nostalgic, and decide to look up the band on the Internet, and wallah! You have a cool web site and the album is on CD! I guess the old phrase fits, "good things come to those who wait!" Anyway, thank you for listening! And thank you for reissuing the album on CD! It really makes my day! God Bless You and peace! --Linda =0)

Norman: What are the words to Orange Peel? From the line, "every night I go down by the river do ya do an do ?????? Then I sit ????????. My 5 year old daughter and I love the song. We dance in the kitchen. I'm really glad you rereleased it. I've been looking for the album for 20 years. PS - A local radio station, KBCO in Boulder still plays Fazon and I called up and requested Orange Peel one day and they played it. They still have the original album. Could you help Thanks-- John


Go to the music page and the lyrics will pop up for each song!

I sent KBCO a CD. I will send a CD to any radio station that still plays our music.

Now request it for us.

Already bought it and the album , they're great!!! Just like I remember it from the original time I heard it in the early seventies, except I was smoking some herbs then. Keep up the good work i'll be buying your other cds when i get my credit caught up. Fazon brother!!!
Hey, The Miraculous Hump is in a class by itself. Not only is the music unique and excellent, the album is a gem of poetry. This is one of the few albums I've owned where I know just about all the words to every song, and like to make myself obnoxious by trying to get other people to dig it too. Alas, it is often like casting pearls before swine. My only gripe is that they didn't throw "Hello, Hello" on there as a bonus track. The biggest bummer about the CD vs. the album is that now the dynamite cover art is too small. The biggest upside is that now I can finally listen to this album again! --John
I love the upside.
Norman: Just received my copy of "Hump." WOW. Thanks for making it available again. I write CD reviews for a Phoenix-based tabloid called ConNotations, which is sent out to several thousand people, mostly in Arizona, who attend science fiction conventions regularly. Given that about half of the album has a sci-fi/fantasy bent to it, hopefully my bringing it to their attention will get you some more sales from around here. Hats off to you and your engineer--wonderful sound and well done! --Tom Phoenix

Will you take my youngest son to area 51?



I have it. I love it. when is the reunion tour? Bonus trax? box set live album video?? Thanks Norm




Plastic figures are in production as we speak. The only hangup is how much ram to insert. We do want the toys to sing and dance more than one song.

Hi Norman, I just want to thank you for putting The Miraculous Hump on CD. I didn't fully realize how much I missed it until I was able to hear it again!! Although I could play every song in my head, it just wasn't the same. I think the reason it has been so popular in Denver is because the music is so appropriate to Colorado. It just reminds you of being here and the mountains and the sky. If you ever get a chance to drive thru the Rockies on a beautiful summer day, listen to Fazon and you will understand. Thanks again!!! Sandy in Denver

We played there twice and never stopped laughing. I'm am sure it was the altitude of being high...


above sea level

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