Street Posters of the Psychedelic '60s

March 22 1966

The Camel's first street poster
was put up on telephone poles.
It announced their appearance at the Matrix, the earliest club to showcase the emerging psychedelic music of the city. Only a few hundred were originally printed. Art by Terry MacNeil, concept by Peter Kraemer.

Sopwith Camel Matrix

Sopwith Camel Firehouse 1966


April 26, 1966

The Camel's second
street poster for their second appearance at the Matrix. Only a few hundred were originally printed.

This is the first one seen in decades.

Art by Terry MacNeil

Sopwith Camel Firehouse 1966


February 12, 1966

The Sopwith Camel played with the Charlatans at this party at the Firehouse Theatre. This was the Camel's debut, having rehearsed upstairs for one month with their new bass player, Martin Beard.

February 19, 1966

No. 10 Truck, No. 26 Engine was the Firehouse's technical name, before its conversion to underground music haven. The year was 1966. The time was 9 to whenever. The cost was a mere $2 and it was a donation at that. The Firehouse Theatre was the place!

Sopwith Camel Firehouse

Sopwith Camel Firehouse


MARCH 12, 1966

In the very earliest days, the Camel practiced at a firehouse on Sacramento Street. The Firehouse Theatre belonged to George Ebey and his dog Pot Pan. Everyday the Camel climbed the stairs, got high, composed music and slid down the pole when they were done. The Firehouse put on shows featuring local bands, with some of the very first light shows. LSD was legal and Hippie types were spontaneously appearing all over the city.
February 18, 1966

This poster announced an Alldance happening at the Fillmore Ballroom before Bill Graham permanently leased it. This music and light show was the paradigm shift and prototype of what was to become what became, if you know what I mean.

I believe Bobby Collins did the art.

The Sopwith Camel, The Quick Silver Messenger Service, The Charlatans and King Kong Light Machine
filled the bill.

Sopwith Camel Fillmore


Victor Moscoso

SEPTEMBER 6-12, 1967

Victor Moscoso, number 5,
Neon Rose

He made this poster for an engagement at the Matrix on Fillmore Street for February 6-7-8-9-11-12, 1966. The band was playing on the East Coast and could not make the gig. The poster was used for the first album cover.

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