Bob Feldman, Saxophones/Flute

Bob joined our band for the Miraculous Hump Album (1971) and played local Bay Area clubs adding warmth and harmony to Peter Kraemer's Tenor, Soprano, Japanese Flute and Synthophone.

Recollections of my Sopwith Camel Days

When I first joined the band and we played the local clubs; The Lions Share in San Rafael, CA., The New Orleans House and Keystone in Berkeley, CA., The Inn of the Beginning in Cotati, CA and others I can't remember. Some excited, often starry eyed fan would approach me on our breaks and say,

"Gee, its great to see you guys back together again. I remember seeing you at the Old Straight Theatre. Those were some days, weren't they?"

"Actually, " I'd say. "I wasn't with the band then. That was before my time."

"Yeah?" He'd say. "How about that time at the Avalon Ballroom?"

"No. I wasn't there," I'd say and he seemed almost disappointed.

This happened so frequently, that finally I got to this point; someone would come over and say something like, "Remember that night at the Family Dog when....(so and so and so)?"

I'd just smile, nod my head and say, "Yeah, far out. Those were the good old days." I didn't want to disappoint anyone.