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The Camel's Record Release Party on August 24, 1973

"The party, to preview the new album, was in the Garden Court of the Sheraton Palace here, in an atmosphere of fin-de-siecle space travel. The hotel was built in 1875 and the room, with its glass gambrel roof. oyster marble columns, love seats and Victorian UFO chandeliers, is a curious focus for several San Francisco elements.
Among those in attendance were Jerry Rubin, Dr. Hipocrates, Joanna Leary (wife of Tim) and some of the heavier dealers and lawyers in town. The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon played in the background."

Rolling Stone October 11, 1973
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  1. One New CD
  2. All four band members' autographs on a numbered release party invitation from 1973


Sopwith Camel Autographs CD

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The Limited Edition CD
includes autographs

You will receive a numbered invitation. They are autographed by the original 4 members, from the collection of Norman Mayell. These are the original record release party invitations for The Miraculous Hump album in 1973 at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco. There are only 90 available.

First come first served!

Peter Kraemer
Martin Beard
Norman Mayell
Nandi Devam

(formerly Terry MacNeil)

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